Arcva Edit

The Arcva were created by Zarodossa with the duty to bring civilization to the lesser races of Altus. They ruled over Ghidovia for centuries, Ijhier and Kavees before their conquest by the Arcva-ruled Cellian Empire, and the fledgling Zarodom of Redoga. They also serve as nobles and bureaucrats within those nations. Arcva are always looking for new savages to civilize.

Arcva are stoic and abstain from most unnecessary movements, often appearing like statues when motionless. In conversation, they are thoughtful and do not refrain from questioning how the world works. Most enjoy the luxuries of life such as gentle fabrics and precious gems. One delicacy they enjoy is sugar, honey, or spice diluted in water which they bathe in and experience similar to how other races taste. They enjoy perfumes and incense to entertain their acute senses of smell.

Arcva live in "courts" of several dozen Arcva. Each court aspires to be of roughly similar social status, except for the leader, the "Patriarch" who looks after the court in exchange for their services. Courts frequently specialize, earning fame for their talents:

Sora: Librarians and scholars.

Veni: Wizards and ritualists.

Rafil: The dynasty that rules the Cellian Empire.

Onud: The court that ruled Redoga for a time.

Amari: Diplomats and spies for the Empai.

Banaros: Accountants and Judges that now live in Ghidovia.

Tellan: Enchanting court that was nearly wiped out by the Empai after suspected treason.

Kavees: The branch of Rafil that rules Kavees.

Ijhier: A branch of Rafil that ruled Ijhier for a short time.

Arcva are given named by their parents with no middle names. Their last name, their court, can change whenever they find new employment and not exclusively through marriage.

Male Names: Dondorius, Fomros, Betalium, Mareck, Vazius

Female Names: Daria, Lasheva, Poneius, Lephisash, Viuari

Physical Qualities Edit

Arcva are humanoid with tall and slender bodies. Their skin is dull grey and cool to the touch. An Arcva's face is highlighted by their six slanted eyes, whose solid colours range from white to blue and all shades in between. They have two small slits for a nose, and can open and close each at will. They have no mouth, and their faces end in very narrow and pointed chins. There is no size difference between men and women.

On their back attached to the centre of each shoulder blade is a hollow bone that connects to a second, narrower bone further down. The two bones are covered in the same silver skin of the Arcva, and are manipulated via tendon attached to muscles on the Arcva's back. The “feathers” are thin sheets of skin arranged into rhombus shaped “scales” which can be filled with blood to make them solid. When at rest, the Arvca protects the deflated feathers by collapsing them in between the two bones that support the wing, and then folding their wings onto their back.

The tips of an Arcva's wings are very sensitive, and intimate contact between Arcva lovers takes the form of gently touching of wing tips, socially akin to holding hands.

Arcva Children age slowly, and only reach maturity by thirty years of age. They remain active until one hundred years old, and only die towards their hundred and twentieth years.

Play This Race if You Want to;

  • To be part of a royal society of elites.
  • To perform best when in the rear of combat.
  • To be able to excel at the Warlock, Warlord, or Invoker classes.
  • Be helpless without servants!

Statistics Edit

All Arcva possess the Divine Graces, Limited Diet, Voiceless, Iron Will, Silver Wings, and the Divine traits.

Divine Grace Edit

Gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls while at full hitpoints.

Limited Diet Edit

You do not need to eat. You drink by filtering water through your skin. Salt water is poisonous, and you can taste water as you drink.

Voiceless Edit

Arcva communicate telepathically with all creatures within their selected range, which varies between 20 squares and only creatures whose heads are touching theirs.

Iron Will Edit

Gain a +5 bonus to saving throws against charm effects.

Silver Wings Edit

Arcva know the Silver Wings racial power:

Silver Wings (Racial)
Your scale wings glisten in the light as they flare out.
At-Will - Move Action (once per round) - Personal
Effect: Fly your speed horizontally. At the end of this movement if you are not able to grab hold of something, you safely descend up to 20 squares. If you do not touch the ground after 20 squares, you fall. If you are bloodied, this power only allows you to move up to half of your speed.