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Soujourn is a roleplaying game tailored to the needs of groups not lacking in the creativity department. It is meant to be looser than systems forcing players to roleplay, allow for much greater investment in character building, and to make every archetype feel substantially different from others. With over a decade of roleplaying experience under most of our belt's, this system will combine the many houseruled systems we have used together into a single model.

Soujourn was motivated by several issues with 4e:

  • "Missing Nine" and other min-maxing traps
  • Rigidity of a d20 system
  • Unrealistic ritual system
  • Attributes not reflecting character concepts
  • Leveling up system that discouraged free-form campaigns
  • Simplistic advancement system for non-combat character features

Additionally, it is designed to deliver on key features not present in 4e:

  • Level-less, class-less character advancement
  • Reduction in number of power sources, increase in relevance of power sources
  • Allowing for more complex mathematical calculations available on online platforms
  • Balancing combat styles for realism and fun
  • Prevent runaway scaling of statistics in lieu of more interesting challenges
  • Allow players to pick archetypes that are simple or complex
  • Make every Attribute relevant to every character

The main changes from our traditional system to Sojourn are as follows:

  1. D100-based system
  2. Level-less, class-less
  3. No natural hitpoint or damage gain over time
  4. Wisdom attribute removed, some of its properties given to Intelligence
  5. Sense attribute added to contain critical strike and sensory features
  6. Hitpoints return quickly, but new Bloodpoints return slowly and determine if a character dies
  7. New power source mechanics:
    1. Martial abilities are at-will, but advanced techniques require setup to perform efficiently
    2. Pact abilities are at-will, with limited yet incredibly powerful daily prayers
    3. Arcane abilities are gated by finite mana pools that require careful calculation and planning
  8. Character advancement is made more complex and customizeable, especially for out of combat

Character Elements Edit

Attributes Edit


Key benefits:

  • Martial melee damage
  • Armour worn without penalty
  • Fortitude
  • Physique Proficiencies


Key benefits:

  • Hitpoints and Bloodpoints
  • Saving throws
  • Fortitude
  • Physique Proficiencies


Key benefits:

  • Martial accuracy and Arcane damage
  • Initiative
  • Reflex
  • Weapon or Physique Proficiencies


Key benefits:

  • Martial ranged damage
  • Critical strikes
  • Perception
  • Reflex


Key benefits:

  • Character Proficiencies
  • Skill Proficiencies
  • Ability Proficiencies
  • Weapon Proficiencies


Key benefits:

  • Arcane and Pact accuracy
  • Will
  • Detect Magic
  • Ability Proficiencies


Key benefits:

  • Pact damage
  • Will
  • Character Proficiencies
  • Skill Proficiencies


Weapon (Dexterity, Intelligence)

Physique (Strength, Constitution, Dexterity)

Skill ( Intelligence, Charisma)

Character (Intelligence, Charisma)

Ability (Intelligence, Spellcraft)

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Setup and Follow-Through

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