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Character: Magneus Edit

Bio: Human warrior known for changing sides based on whoever offered him the most powerful title.

Cause of Death: Incinerated by the Catalyst in Sung when The High Inquisitor blew the city up.

Paragon Edit

Character: Venthel Edit

Bio: An Eladrin Wizard from Soform who, at this point, was trying to use melee abilities. Thankfully, he was Resurrected by Pelor.

Cause of Death: Drai excavated his brain with an axe.

Character: Drai Edit

Bio: A half-elf paladin sworn to the destruction of all warlocks - oh, and anyone religious, she didn't believe that crap. Later Resurrected by Venthel.

Cause of Death: Stepped on by a dragon just a little too hard.

Character: Tryth Edit

Bio: Human Cleric

Cause of Death: She liked the necklace Soned got for her a little less than it liked her spine.

Character: Kaine Edit

Bio: A cleric... I believe

Cause of Death: Unremembered. Likely silly and useless.

Character: Rolanil Edit

Bio: Elf Ranger multiclassed human teenager.

Cause of Death: Metagemed by DM.

Character: Myra Edit

Bio: Elf Invoker

Cause of Death: Decided a fight with Fire Soned was the perfect time to commit suicide.

Character: Kriv Edit

Bio: Human Rogue with an affinity to cuase people to blow up.

Cause of Death: Inquisitor of the Alfar pushed him off a tower.

Epic Edit

Character: Kithra Edit

Bio: Halfling Rogue who made Nefalgrim blush with her cheesy cuteness. She mistrusted Lekin and loved Vladesh, and was sad to see him go.

Cause of Death: Feyden offered her life if the party surrendered. They refused, she died, and the party was captured anyways (except Venthel).

Character: Venthel Edit

Bio: Venthel at this point was on his way to becoming an Alfar of Ioun with plans to replace her and stop the gods from harming Mons ever again. Ressurected by Jordan Almheid, M-mana Seek-ker of S-sof-form.

Cause of Death: After a popular vote by Nefalgrim, Lekin, Anyxia, Drai, and Kelina ruled he was evil, he was beheaded.

Mons 2 Edit

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Character: Neeko

Bio: Tween Shifter bard who stole everything not bolted down, even if it couldn't reasonably fit on her back.

Cause of Death: Eaten by undead and then became a ghost who haunted the party for a minute.

Character: Andrastis Edit

Bio: Deva Invoker of the shadowfel before her people were killed by Zehr.

Cause of Death: Eaten by undead when she decided life wasn't worth it anymore.

Solum Edit

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Character: Mi Edit

Bio: A very nice stonekin :(

Cause of Death: Rocephadons decided his head looked stupid, and the Alfar riding the rocephadon agreed. When he tried to free their prisoners, they had their last straw... but he escaped! (until Rickton arrived.)

Character: Quellen Edit

Bio: An Alfar invoker who was, like, totally a wise guy and, like, stuff.

Cause of Death: Got totally stepped on, by, like, a rocephadon and like, stuff.

Character: Athis Edit

Bio: A chaotic-stupid stonekin swordmage with a hatred for everyone who was nice and supportive (Baron Verbed).

Cause of Death: Had his heart ripped out by his allies who never batted an eye (go Andrew!)

Character: Sarokh Edit

Bio: A karai warrior with a temper as large as his strength score. Resurrected by the Ring of the Depths.

Cause of Death: Stabbed by angry Rethurkai Soldiers

Character: Kale Edit

Bio: An alfar with a debt owed to a crazed Alfar Commissar

Cause of Death: Turned to stone by Serayne

Character: Sarokh Edit

Bio: Sarokh learned to be a paladin and led his people into war - all while knowing that he was Meleo's chosen left to serve until his dying days.

Cause of Death: Turns out Meleo's dying days came sooner than expected.

Mons 3 Edit

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Character: Phineas Edit

Bio: A human wizard from Soform who trained with Richard himself and survived the Great Blaze.

Cause of Death: Stepped on by Rocephadons (jeeze, this happens a lot!)

Character: Sigmund Edit

Bio: A very, very confused warlock who liked the stars, and who was liked very much by the stars. Resurrected by Ael'Amut.

Cause of Death: He was not liked by the rocephadon's foot (this is 4 kills by rocephadons).

Character: Locke Edit

Bio: An elf Warden who lived his whole life chased and hunted by the Silver Druids. He decided the ruins of Soform City were a good spot to hide.

Cause of Death: He was wrong. The Great Black Neihmet ate him.

Character: Orruk Edit

Bio: Half-orc Ranger and brother to Terac.

Cause of Death: Fell unconscious in front of an unfortunate lava flow.

Paragon Edit

Character: Zet Edit

Bio: A powerful and mysterious human assassin with ties to the Crystalkin.

Cause of Death: Tried to assassinate Neson, and the party happily helped stop him.

Character: Sigmund Edit

Bio: A confused human warlock with a murderous plague of frogs.

Cause of Death: Single-handedly saved Rivertown from the Requiem Church even though he was captured and turned into an Eiya.

Epic Edit

Character: Terac Edit

Bio: The proud King of Tyra, and a powerful half-orc Paladin.

Cause of Death: Sided with brave revolutionaries and volunteered to step down as King. His allies preferred to keep Neson in power.

Altus 1 Edit

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Character: Stonekin Edit

Bio: A stonekin who wanted to help Junar Onud

Cause of Death: Junar's bandits ALSO wanted to help Junar Onud.

Character: Gareth Edit

Bio: Human Rogue.

Cause of Death: RAN THE WRONG WAY!

Character: Karjz Edit

Bio: A Tokai barbarian ex-slave who liked to eat Sprites.


Character: Strange Eyes Edit

Bio: Ashanzu cleric with a strange eye who probably did all the drugs.


Altus 2 Edit

Heroic (Pre-TPK) Edit

Character: Euron Edit

Bio: A young Alfar Avenger of Feyus, brother of Fenalia.

Cause of Death: Died trying to rescue the fallen Alyoza.

Character: Fen Edit

Bio: Alfar paladin of Feyus, a sun-knight.

Cause of Death: Died trying to rescue the fallen Alyoza.

Character: Alyoza Edit

Bio: A frail helstorm scarred Commissar. Resurrected by Bathud and corrupted.

Cause of Death: A few lucky crits during a flight from battle.

Heroic (Post-TPK) Edit

Character: Yann Edit

Bio: An Alfar sorcerer capable of dark magic.

Cause of Death: 1v1 me, Bathud.

Character: Oallee Edit

Bio: Alfar Sun-knight and "Sun Shield" who guarded his coastal village. Only alfar known who was capable of growing a moustache.

Cause of Death: Died trying to rescue the fallen Yann.

Soform City Edit

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Character: Edit

Bio: A halfling druid who liked to explore and turn into a cat. Disliked Eiya and liked Geremy.

Cause of Death: Geremy crit her with a warmaul right in the face.

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Epic (in progress) Edit

Character: LKFMM

Bio: A Cellian Ashanzu rogue with the intelligence of a wizard who made a fortune by (mostly) legally selling iron across the Sea of Cedorax.

Cause of Death: Mobbed by skeletons after drawing their attention while Erasmus and Lara prepared a Helstorm in the Necropolis.

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Coming soon!

P.S., maybe not.