Definitions Edit

Breakable: After being used to make an attack, the weapon is rendered useless until five minutes are spent repairing it.

Bulky: This weapon takes a -2 penalty to melee attack rolls. Overlapping: Your shield bonus becomes +3 if you started your turn adjacent to another ally with a shield with the overlapping property. If at any point you are no longer adjacent, the shield bonus returns to normal. 

Simple Melee Edit

Military Melee Edit

Weapon Cellian Javelin
Proficiency +3
Range 10/20
Damage 1d8
Price 6 Gp
Weight 1Kg
Group Spear
Properties Heavy thrown, Breakable, Bulky

The Cellian Javelin found success against early nomadic tribes of the Callian Rise. It offered a way for a solid wall of infantry to harass light infantry skirmishers who were reluctant themselves to engage, or piercing shields and rendering them useless for the ensuing melee. In a pinch, the javelin can be used as a spear in melee.

Superior Melee Edit

Weapon Pizors Hawk
Proficiency +2
Range 4/8
Damage 1d10
Price 8 Gp
Weight 2Kg
Group Axe
Properties Off-hand, Heavy thrown, Bulky

The Pizors Hawk was so named because of its use in hunting. Accurate at short range and unobstructed by underbrush, it is widely used by hunters the Donoughen Forest. In battle, it allows Ghidovian soldiers to fight at a range even in dense forest that does not permit effective archery. Over time, the axe became balanced for throwing over use in melee.

Weapon Dopplehander
Proficiency +3
Damage 1d16
Price 41 Gp
Weight 8Kg
Group Heavy Blade
Properties Two Handed, Bulky

One counter to a shieldwall is a blow so strong it breaks a formation. Unable to fight line-to line with Ashanzu, the Ghidovian army has brought in a large two-handed sword which can shatter the ranks of a Centile without needing to score a perfect hit between gaps in armour like smaller swords would.

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Light ShieldEdit

Heavy ShieldEdit

Shield Dondorius Wall
Shield Bonus +2
Armour Check Penalty -3
Speed Penalty -1
Price 12 Gp
Weight 8 Kg
Properties Overlapping

The Dondorius Wall, named to mimic the "Betalium Wall", was the infantry's best protection against a larger, more powerful foe. For a species like the Ashanzu, this was an important development. The shield was constructed so that when placed adjacent to another shield on its left, there would be a seamless wall. If enough were brought together, the formation became nearly impenetrable to conventional attack.